Friday, July 7, 2017

Slatwall Displays don't have to be boring

Slatwall display fixtures are an eye-catching and versatile way to showcase your merchandise whether you're selling clothing, jewelry, books, or a variety of other items. Taking advantage of these displays is just what your business needs to optimize your store space.

Types of Fixtures and Accessories

There are a few different types of slatwall displays such as H-displays, 4-way displays, streamline displays, and the slatwall cubic tower. Each type has its merits.

H-displays, true to their name, take the shape of an 'H.' The shape is ideal for shelving, straight arms, waterfalls, and baskets - accessories which take up more space horizontally.

4-way displays and cubic towers are perfect for jewelry and smaller items that you might display with smaller accessories like hooks and brackets.

The streamline display - a vertical panel of slatwall attached to a base - is the simplest and perhaps the most versatile. No one type of accessory is ideal for streamline displays, so they lend themselves to any type of display you might need. Whether that includes the use of shelving or brackets, streamline displays are optimal for whatever you sell.

The Benefits

Whether a streamline or 4-way display, any slatwall display can make use of any type of accessory. Each display will differ from the next which is what makes these displays so unique.

Slatwall display fixtures are also ideal for small spaces. In a smaller store, slatwall saves space and allows you to display all kinds of items if you have the right accessories. This allows for an easy exchange of items which is good if you have merchandise that is constantly moving.

Finally, slatwall displays are neat and organized. Instead of displaying merchandise on tables or on the floor, slatwall brings your items up to eye level. Customers will like that they don't have to bend down or rummage through items, and employees will appreciate the ease of keeping slatwall displays clean and organized.

Slatwall displays are popular among retailers. Maybe they're right for you, too.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Slatwall Display Fixtures: A Retailer's Savior

Friday, June 16, 2017

Qualities of LED Lights in Retail Store

It is hard to underestimate how important good lighting is in a retail store. It creates the ambiance, and when done correctly, it can entice customers to buy more merchandise. This is true of display case lighting as well, and more retailers are finding that using LED lighting in display cases has distinct advantages over using traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulb lighting. What are these advantages?

Less Heat 

Only 10% of the energy from incandescent bulbs is converted into visible light.  The other 90% is converted into heat. This not only wastes energy; it heats items in display cases, and depending on the merchandise, can fade and crack them over time. This does nothing to increase sales.

LED bulbs, on the other hand, produce very little heat.  Display case items stay cool and as good looking as the day you placed them in the case.

Improved Visibility

Merchandise beneath LED lighting simply shines brighter than merchandise illuminated by incandescent lights or fluorescent lights. Well-lit display case items attract customer attention and hold it longer. The longer a customer is interested in an item, the greater the chances of making a sale.

And unlike conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that shine light across a wide area, the light from LED bulbs can be aimed at specific pieces of merchandise. This direct beam of light highlights items in ways that diffused, sometimes dull traditional lighting can not.

LED bulbs not only provide great light, increasing customer attention and the likelihood of a sale. They are also 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and they last up 25 times longer.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Benefits of LED Lights in Display Cases

Several benefits come with LED lighting in display cases. The verities of power consumption savings are appealing; as is grabbing the customer's attention. There are even upticks in sales.

What makes it Different

Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LED is a low maintenance, efficient option. Their lifespan is typically 50,000 hours; they produce far less heat; and have a low power consumption rate. For display purposes alone, LED lights come in various colors to create a spectacular sight.

Cost Considerations

With a 50,000-hour lifespan, LED boasts a drastically lowered replacement cost create reduced maintenance costs. Halogen and incandescent lighting offer higher heat generation. Higher heat is often detrimental to items such as food, soft metals, and textiles. This often costs businesses high-end losses on their monthly inventory. Fluorescent lighting proposes very little improvement; meanwhile, LED lights are optimal for display. LED lights are choice for preservation.

They're ideal for cost reduction, because of their low heat generation; energy consumption; and low maintenance costs.

Consumers Drift to Arresting Displays

When something grabs a customer's attention, they will roam over to inspect. Anything hosted in a display is, by design, a blue-chip item. Whether the display hosts jewelry, food, clothing, or technological items, LED lighting seizes their attention. With a display case featuring LED lighting, a business increases a product's visibility and its attractiveness. Due to the ambient nature of LED lighting the display produces a merchandise charisma that didn't exist before.

Sales Upticks

Attractiveness factors heavily into sales. LED lighting in a display case prompts users to buy through desire. While it's not possible to force a buyer into something they don't desire, a company can increase sales via this method. Businesses do make higher profits through impulse buys and buyers understand they do so. Many find that when their firm encourages impulsive purchases, their overall return rate is higher. By properly displaying merchandise, the quality is identifiable; thus, buyer's guilt reduces greatly. When buyer's guilt reduces, so, too, do returns. Higher sales and lower returns: the categorical impact on profits becomes immediately recognizable.

Benefits Reign

The benefits of LED lighting in display cases speak for themselves: overall cost reduction, amplified product charisma, better inventory preservation, higher customer interest, and increased sales. If a display case with LED lighting isn't yet on your business' list, consider the extra benefits; reflect on how it's the potential for the exact sales increase you need.

Friday, June 2, 2017

LED Lights into Your Display Cases

From fine jewelry to power tools, your items will present better when properly lit, but relying on ceiling illumination alone will leave shadows on your shelves. Rather than mounting hot spotlights, take the light to your products with LED strip-lights. These energy efficient little lights come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and intensities to suit most of your display needs.

Long Lasting

LEDs can go for years without needing to be changed and are incredibly energy efficient. They have been proven to shine “25 times longer than incandescent lighting” according to The Department of Energy. By choosing to replace your old shelf lights with LEDs you can practically eliminate the hassle of changing out display light bulbs. It could be years before a single one of your shelves goes dark.

Use Less Power

Low power LED strip-lights give you the benefit of lit shelves without hurting your utilities bill. The Department of Energy also confirmed that Energy Star rated LED lights not only  “use at least 75% less energy” than normal light bulbs, but they also send light in only one direction, allowing you to clearly illuminate your products without blinding your customers with low-set lights. This low power consumption also keeps them at much safer and cooler temperatures.

Complementary Colors

Each display's ideal light color is determined by the color of your products. Soft yellow lights will cause gold to glow beneath the display glass while cool blue lights enhance the shine of silver. Even if you're not displaying metals, the rule still holds. Warm colors are complimented by yellow lights and cool colors look best when illuminated in white or blue. LEDs are available in nearly every color temperature and can suit all your colored display needs.

Whether you’re setting up a new display or improving an existing one, LED lights are a great choice for display case lighting. From free standing strip-lights to cases with built-in LED mounts, this energy-efficient new lighting option could be your next great business decision.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wall Display Cases Draw Buyer's Attention

Friday, May 12, 2017

Trophy and Wallcases Can Increase Your Bottom Line

If you own or operate a retail business with items for sale, then you want to make your space as inviting as possible.  Some stores do this by employing lighting in different ways or playing soothing music over the loudspeaker.  The goal is to make your customers comfortable, create a memorable experience for them and encourage them to buy more merchandise.
One way to do this is with trophy and wallcases. How?

Cases Make Use of ALL Your Space:
You are paying for every square foot in your store. So why not get as much as you can out of every square foot?  You can do this by using wallcases. Instead of just using the middle of your space, wallcases let you take advantage of all your space, including the walls. The more items you have on display, the more chances you have of a sale.

Cases Get Customers to Move through Your Entire Store:
It is a fact that if you can get customers to move through your entire store, then they will see more merchandise that might catch their eye. Using wallcases is a simple way to do this. Customers will walk across the store to a far wall to see something interesting in a wallcase. On their way there, they might see something else that they want to buy.

Cases Make Items Seem Special:
Featuring items in a trophy case gives them a certain cache and makes them more interesting. While it is easy for a retail space to become cluttered, items in a case stand out. They attract customers' attention because they seem special, increasing inquiries and sales.
Do not overlook the benefits of trophy and wallcases. They can help enhance your customers' shopping experience and lead to a healthier bottom line.