Friday, May 19, 2017

Wall Display Cases Draw Buyer's Attention

Friday, May 12, 2017

Trophy and Wallcases Can Increase Your Bottom Line

If you own or operate a retail business with items for sale, then you want to make your space as inviting as possible.  Some stores do this by employing lighting in different ways or playing soothing music over the loudspeaker.  The goal is to make your customers comfortable, create a memorable experience for them and encourage them to buy more merchandise.
One way to do this is with trophy and wallcases. How?

Cases Make Use of ALL Your Space:
You are paying for every square foot in your store. So why not get as much as you can out of every square foot?  You can do this by using wallcases. Instead of just using the middle of your space, wallcases let you take advantage of all your space, including the walls. The more items you have on display, the more chances you have of a sale.

Cases Get Customers to Move through Your Entire Store:
It is a fact that if you can get customers to move through your entire store, then they will see more merchandise that might catch their eye. Using wallcases is a simple way to do this. Customers will walk across the store to a far wall to see something interesting in a wallcase. On their way there, they might see something else that they want to buy.

Cases Make Items Seem Special:
Featuring items in a trophy case gives them a certain cache and makes them more interesting. While it is easy for a retail space to become cluttered, items in a case stand out. They attract customers' attention because they seem special, increasing inquiries and sales.
Do not overlook the benefits of trophy and wallcases. They can help enhance your customers' shopping experience and lead to a healthier bottom line.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Apply the Rule of Three to Trophy and Wallcases

Friday, April 28, 2017

Trophy and Wall Cases: More Than Glass Cubes

Ask someone about a trophy or wall cases and they conjure up an image of that spot in their high school where sports memorabilia was displayed.

While this is one of the traditional uses for these items, smart business people have been taking advantage of these flexible display fixtures to spotlight products or years. These savvy individuals also know that there is more to these items than glass shelves against a wall.

1. Move Away From The Wall: Don't let the name 'wall case' limit your imagination to thinking of glorified glass shelving. Modern wall cases are sleek stand alone structures that can provide a 360 degree view of items placed in them. Situated strategically on a sales floor, the merchandise inside can be viewed from every angle, enticing customers to linger and look longer.

2. Let In The Light: A lot of shelving can shadow a product, making it more difficult to notice. All glass wall cases avoids restricting the light making it easy to see what is inside. Add some strategic spotlights, and customers will be drawn to the displays like moths to flames.

3. Open Your Space: People are visual animals. Using towering metal racks for merchandise obstructs viewpoints and limits what potential buyers notice. Wall cases allow customers to see through the displays, focusing on the merchandise. Not just that, but without restrictive backing, they can see glimpses of items deeper in the store and are drawn in to investigate what catches their eye.

4. The Little Things: With shrinkage a genuine concern, adequately showcasing smaller items has always been a trade-off between presentation and security. Wall cases provide the ideal solution to this problem. Now an army of minute products can easily be handsomely presented behind secured glass.

5. Decorative Wall Space: Every store makes the best use of available space. However, smart ones do it with style. Quality trophy cases situated against the walls provide a unique look to a store - one that people will remember and comment on.

When you are designing your next retail space, consult the experts at ND Store Fixtures. They can answer all your wall case needs and more.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Trophy & Wallcases: More than just retail

When one considers wall display cases, most would instantly think of a retail environment where display cases exhibit a multitude of items. Have you ever thought of using them in these environments?
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Businesses
  • Home
There are many benefits to using a wall display case for things other than its original intention. For example, schools could use them for trophy displays or students art or science fair projects.

  • Churches could set up a display of their historical memorabilia or upcoming events.
  • Libraries could let community members display their collections and include books that they have about those subjects. 
  • Museums could find unlimited reasons to display a multitude of relics. 
  • Businesses and retail stores can benefit from the organized display of their products.

Uses of wall display cases in the home are also endless. They could elegantly display grandma's antique dishes or great-grandpa's war memorabilia. A child's trophies, books, family pictures and many other collectibles could be housed in a wall display case. There is an unlimited list of possibilities.

Choosing the material you want your display case made of is simple when you consider where the case will be going. Here are some choices to consider;
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
Deciding on what extras you feel might be needed is another option.
  • Lighting
  • Mirror back
  • Locks
As you can see, wall display cases have an endless array of uses. Decide which displays would work best for your needs.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Get the most out of retail space

Lately, emptiness is in.  Stores display only a few products accented with bold colors and simple lines. They entice and invigorate. So how can you follow this trend and still capitalize on every square foot of space you pay for?
The answer is closer than you may first think.

Here's a few ideas of how to create a display that works on a person's innate desire for what they know, both past and present.

You are the champion:
Familiarity! It is well researched that exposure to something creates an affection for that person or object, and deep familiarity can cause loyalties that are not easily shaken. By displaying items in a trophy case, you can invoke the same feelings of desire, awe and accomplishment. The fact that the item inside is acquirable can awake the yearning a customer may have for your product.

Keep lines clean:
Modern stores boast a small number of products with a great amount of workable space, by using clear cases you can maintain a visually neat appearance, uncluttered and open. When wall case is the only option, clear, adjustable shelves can ensure that you have exactly the space you need without any obstructions.

Know your base:
Many times, the bottom few feet of a display become completely useless. Placing items on low surface may indicate a subtle lack of esteem over products that are on eye level. By having a locking base in a display, you can keep the same quantity of product out of the back room, but still completely secure.

Float it:
While walls are your limits, the remaining floor space can work for you as a strategic partner. Ensuring that you have the right display is a vital part of making the most of valuable square footage. Towers are an excellent way to do this, as they fill the space in a clean and elegant way.

As a retail store it is vital you have the displays to ensure people look at your items long enough to decide they need to take that item home. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Increase Sales with Trophy and Wallcases - Feature Cross Merchandising

Make your walls work for you
Trophy & wallcases can help you sell more when you get creative, and bring different kinds of merchandise together in unexpected ways. Discover the potential of cross merchandising.
Maybe you're used to keeping your sunglasses in one case, and your briefcases in another. However, letting them share one space can help you tell your customers a story about why they belong together like milk and cookies or copy and paste:
  • Show Off Your Fashion Sense: Think about designer look books that provide images of how to combine the individual pieces in a collection. Putting hats and scarves side by side in one case makes it easy to decide on how to mix and match them for the best effect.
  • Set a Mood: Pair a pretty set of vintage style earrings with a delicate lace blouse. Appeal to your customer's romantic side or create a combination that resonates with their idea of themselves as outdoor types or urban sophisticates.
  • Create an Experience: Emphasize function. Pull together related cooking supplies or garden tools.
It all boils down to showing your customers how they can use your products to fulfill their desires, whether they want help looking stylish or engaging in activities they enjoy. Encourage additional purchases by connecting the dots between how one item goes with another. They'll probably get more value out of what they take home, and that will make them want to come back and visit you again.

ND Store Fixtures is the premier supplier of quality retail display cases and store display fixtures for small and large businesses in the United States.