Slatwall display fixtures are an eye-catching and versatile way to showcase your merchandise whether you're selling clothing, jewelry, books, or a variety of other items. Taking advantage of these displays is just what your business needs to optimize your store space.

Types of Fixtures and Accessories

There are a few different types of slatwall displays such as H-displays, 4-way displays, streamline displays, and the slatwall cubic tower. Each type has its merits.

H-displays, true to their name, take the shape of an 'H.' The shape is ideal for shelving, straight arms, waterfalls, and baskets - accessories which take up more space horizontally.

4-way displays and cubic towers are perfect for jewelry and smaller items that you might display with smaller accessories like hooks and brackets.

The streamline display - a vertical panel of slatwall attached to a base - is the simplest and perhaps the most versatile. No one type of accessory is ideal for streamline displays, so they lend themselves to any type of display you might need. Whether that includes the use of shelving or brackets, streamline displays are optimal for whatever you sell.

The Benefits

Whether a streamline or 4-way display, any slatwall display can make use of any type of accessory. Each display will differ from the next which is what makes these displays so unique.

Slatwall display fixtures are also ideal for small spaces. In a smaller store, slatwall saves space and allows you to display all kinds of items if you have the right accessories. This allows for an easy exchange of items which is good if you have merchandise that is constantly moving.

Finally, slatwall displays are neat and organized. Instead of displaying merchandise on tables or on the floor, slatwall brings your items up to eye level. Customers will like that they don't have to bend down or rummage through items, and employees will appreciate the ease of keeping slatwall displays clean and organized.

Slatwall displays are popular among retailers. Maybe they're right for you, too.