Among other benefits, the advantage of slatwall is in its modular abilities.  These surfaces can host pegs, waterfall hooks and various types of shelving.  In order to make the most out of slatwall, having an inventory of different hanging implements is important.  That investment is best utilized when other fixtures around the store also require them.

H Figures

At first glance, the H rack seems too plain for good choice in retail, where flashiness abides. However, simplicity sells in a way that gimmicks can't.  By applying restraint to a solid foundation, you target many of the principles of good sales.

4-Way Display

A four-way display is a great way to give a clean, fresh approach to merchandise that is visually different.  Customers are only able to view two sides simultaneously, which makes this a handy transitional item.

Streamline Display & Slatwall Display

Even with limited space, it is important to apply the same principles of simplicity.  Both streamline and slatwall displays can aid in making the most of narrow, small or otherwise tight square footage.

Rotating Slatwall Display

Perhaps the most versatile of the off-the-wall slatwall items are rotating slatwall displays. They can fit smaller shelves, bins and pegs.  With the smallest pegs, the display can have a profile of less than a foot and a half, fitting into tight spots. Add a waterfall hook for clothing and the display becomes a large centerpiece that spans about 4 feet, allowing for a quick revision when temporary cardboard displays exhaust.  Since the main portion is only a foot square, you can easily store it at times when traffic needs change.

Navigating different types of Slatwall Display Fixtures as well as their accessories can feel intimidating.