At first glance, the ubiquitous slatwall looks boring and easy to ignore. As a retailer, being forgettable is not desirable.  These 5 accessories can help you have a successful slatwall display.

1) Pegs

One of the most common uses for slat wall is the typical hanging pegs.  It is tempting to stuff as much product on pegs as possible, and use the longest ones available.  However, having a variety and using white space can create an allure.  By using short pegs at the top and limiting items available you can evoke sense of rarity which is highly desirable.


Wire baskets are frequently used to hold odd-shaped items, and deep bins make the most of space closer to the floor.  Creating a barging bin atmosphere evokes a sense of thrift, even if the item is pricy.  These flexible tools allow you to use different sales techniques in different areas.

3) Video Shelves

The term video shelves is a carry over from the long-ago days when movie rental stores were common. Yet, they are anything but legacy items.  The slight tilt is perfect for delicate items.  Frames, artwork and even high-end foods are all perfect candidates for an upward tilt.

4) Shelves with lips

Life is chaotic.  You want to make your store welcoming for someone with children, elderly, and service animals, and items seem to have lives of their own when succumbing to gravity.  Even if the item is light and takes no damage, the embarrassment isn't easily forgotten. Having a minimal lip can keep items in position without having to secure them in place.

5) Shelves

While they seem plain, being able to convert any wall into a shelf creates endless ways to display items.  It's important to have both wire shelves of many sizes and brackets which allow for glass, wood or metal display surfaces.  Being able to quickly change things up can give your store an invigorating feel and allow for instant transformations.