Ask someone about a trophy or wall cases and they conjure up an image of that spot in their high school where sports memorabilia was displayed.

While this is one of the traditional uses for these items, smart business people have been taking advantage of these flexible display fixtures to spotlight products or years. These savvy individuals also know that there is more to these items than glass shelves against a wall.

1. Move Away From The Wall: Don't let the name 'wall case' limit your imagination to thinking of glorified glass shelving. Modern wall cases are sleek stand alone structures that can provide a 360 degree view of items placed in them. Situated strategically on a sales floor, the merchandise inside can be viewed from every angle, enticing customers to linger and look longer.

2. Let In The Light: A lot of shelving can shadow a product, making it more difficult to notice. All glass wall cases avoids restricting the light making it easy to see what is inside. Add some strategic spotlights, and customers will be drawn to the displays like moths to flames.

3. Open Your Space: People are visual animals. Using towering metal racks for merchandise obstructs viewpoints and limits what potential buyers notice. Wall cases allow customers to see through the displays, focusing on the merchandise. Not just that, but without restrictive backing, they can see glimpses of items deeper in the store and are drawn in to investigate what catches their eye.

4. The Little Things: With shrinkage a genuine concern, adequately showcasing smaller items has always been a trade-off between presentation and security. Wall cases provide the ideal solution to this problem. Now an army of minute products can easily be handsomely presented behind secured glass.

5. Decorative Wall Space: Every store makes the best use of available space. However, smart ones do it with style. Quality trophy cases situated against the walls provide a unique look to a store - one that people will remember and comment on.

When you are designing your next retail space, consult the experts at ND Store Fixtures. They can answer all your wall case needs and more.