Make your walls work for you
Trophy & wallcases can help you sell more when you get creative, and bring different kinds of merchandise together in unexpected ways. Discover the potential of cross merchandising.
Maybe you're used to keeping your sunglasses in one case, and your briefcases in another. However, letting them share one space can help you tell your customers a story about why they belong together like milk and cookies or copy and paste:
  • Show Off Your Fashion Sense: Think about designer look books that provide images of how to combine the individual pieces in a collection. Putting hats and scarves side by side in one case makes it easy to decide on how to mix and match them for the best effect.
  • Set a Mood: Pair a pretty set of vintage style earrings with a delicate lace blouse. Appeal to your customer's romantic side or create a combination that resonates with their idea of themselves as outdoor types or urban sophisticates.
  • Create an Experience: Emphasize function. Pull together related cooking supplies or garden tools.
It all boils down to showing your customers how they can use your products to fulfill their desires, whether they want help looking stylish or engaging in activities they enjoy. Encourage additional purchases by connecting the dots between how one item goes with another. They'll probably get more value out of what they take home, and that will make them want to come back and visit you again.

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