Lately, emptiness is in.  Stores display only a few products accented with bold colors and simple lines. They entice and invigorate. So how can you follow this trend and still capitalize on every square foot of space you pay for?
The answer is closer than you may first think.

Here's a few ideas of how to create a display that works on a person's innate desire for what they know, both past and present.

You are the champion:
Familiarity! It is well researched that exposure to something creates an affection for that person or object, and deep familiarity can cause loyalties that are not easily shaken. By displaying items in a trophy case, you can invoke the same feelings of desire, awe and accomplishment. The fact that the item inside is acquirable can awake the yearning a customer may have for your product.

Keep lines clean:
Modern stores boast a small number of products with a great amount of workable space, by using clear cases you can maintain a visually neat appearance, uncluttered and open. When wall case is the only option, clear, adjustable shelves can ensure that you have exactly the space you need without any obstructions.

Know your base:
Many times, the bottom few feet of a display become completely useless. Placing items on low surface may indicate a subtle lack of esteem over products that are on eye level. By having a locking base in a display, you can keep the same quantity of product out of the back room, but still completely secure.

Float it:
While walls are your limits, the remaining floor space can work for you as a strategic partner. Ensuring that you have the right display is a vital part of making the most of valuable square footage. Towers are an excellent way to do this, as they fill the space in a clean and elegant way.

As a retail store it is vital you have the displays to ensure people look at your items long enough to decide they need to take that item home.