You've got the great new store and it looks like your space of 2,500 feet is going to be enough to carry all of your products. Now you have to figure out how you are going to showcase all the right items and get your traffic in the right direction.

The products you choose to display your goods is instrumental in the success of your sales. Product that is crowded, too high, too low or placed in dark areas prevents customers from viewing and appreciating the products they are in front of. If they get frustrated at trying to get to your product, they'll walk away.

Choosing the right shelves or displays for your unique items will enhance your visibility and entice your customers to see more. Take the round display fixture with 4 shelves. Fill this display with product samples or sale items and place it where customers can walk around. Not working in that spot? It's on wheels so you can try it somewhere else; maybe by the register. Check out our website to view this versatile round display fixture, currently on sale.

Lighted, glass displays can highlight your product and keep it safe from accident or theft and display the unique personality of your business. Showcase the items that can only be found in your business.

There is no end to the possibilities of design. Advice from a professional can help you see the possibilities as well as the pitfalls of overdoing or under-doing the schematics for a flowing traffic business.

ND Store Fixtures has the equipment and the experience to help you find the best design for your unique store.