Monday, December 19, 2016

Eye-catching Display placement: Display case layouts to get ready for

Eye-catching Display placement: Display case layouts to get ready for

As you want to give optimal exposure to the great new products or the steady stand by products that your loyal customers have relied on. Maybe this time you want to try something a little different, keeping in mind that you want to get maximum boost per square foot.

The next dynamic to keep in mind is customer traffic. Will you customer easily see your product from all relevant angles? Can they “try it on” literally or figuratively in order to consider buying it.
And finally, is your display case or cases included in your traffic in a safe and theft-resistant area?

Consider these three display case arrangements when preparing for next year's sales.

Front door display:
As customers come in, displays can be set in the front to “wow” upon entrance. Seeing a beautiful, neat display of your best products or sales products should encourage the consumer to come in and see more of what you have to offer, based on your front displays.
This could also be a welcoming display, with history or information on your business. Display cases do not always have to hold items for sale. They can also be a great conversation starter or used to pique interest in the commercial enterprise itself. A mix of showcases and mannequins can be a welcome entrance. Tall display cases can be set against the wall or eye level shorter cases can set near the entrance without preventing a full, safe view from register to door.

Middle counter/register display:
Display cases around the register can not only spark conversation between cashier and customer, but adds an element of security and handiness when a customer wishes to see an item of interest. These can be higher dollar items or sales items, or a mix of both. Lighting around registers also helps to enhance displays. Acrylic displays can set atop display cases

Back of store:
One advantage to back-of-store display cases is that it brings the customer past the main inventory of the store. They can shop to and from. This is also a more secure area, of course, being that it is in the back and cashiers are closer. If using a back wall drop, you can expand your display or make it more elaborate; maybe even include open items or mannequins. Tall showcases can be filled with arrangements of the latest elements. A frameless tower display can highlight exclusive items on the way back.

As with any location, lighting is important. You want your special items to be noticed, not overwhelmed or shadowed. It needs to be in traffic's view without interrupting the flow.
Display cases and racks vary and can be used separately or together to create bold, dynamic or simple stated elegance. Either way, it is used to enhance the best features of the establishment.
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