Monday, December 12, 2016

3 Display Case Layouts to Get Your Showroom Ready for Success in the New Year

3 Display Case Layouts to Get Your Showroom Ready for Success in the New Year

2017 is right around the corner and the new year is the perfect time to re-invent your showroom and make a resolution for success. Display cases can be instrumental in helping you to achieve your goals in the year ahead. The following 3 display case layouts will maximize your 1500-3000 square foot showroom space and appeal to potential customers.

1. Geometric Layout:
For a trendy, modern showroom layout, strategically arrange display cases in a geometric design. Geometric placement of display cases allow customers and retailers to move easily around the showroom floor and offers the appearance of a large inventory in a deliberate design that is conducive to customer flow around the floor. Customers will be able to spot varying display case content from each point, inviting them to explore all of the merchandise and creating anticipation of what all there is to see. Display cases that are placed in even proximity of one another serve as convenient counters for retail staff to remove merchandise to show the customer throughout the store.

2. Angular Layout:
Placing display cases at an angle from walls and one another gives your showroom a sophisticated look that is elegant and ideal for high-end retailers. An angular layout of lighted display cases has even greater appeal to showroom visitors, adding to a retail experience that feels exclusive and privileged. Customers will appreciate the angular layout's sleek design that gives showroom walls and floors a curved appearance. The cases' lighting will illuminate the details of merchandise and demand individual attention for every set of contents.

3. Circular Layout:
A circular layout that steers customers to their right follows their natural direction, studies show. Begin their journey with an eye-catching display for a first impression that draws them in. Avoid adding height to the initial displays, which can restrict views of other inventory around the room, and may keep them from venturing further if they do not find what they are looking for at first. Use the middle of the circle to highlight a specialty item or as a centerpiece that displays a complimentary combination of merchandise.

Start the new year off right by designing a showroom that is success-ready, with your own unique layout of display cases that show off your very best side.

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