Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dos and Do Nots in Retail Store Fixtures

           In order to make the most money on your merchandise, you need to have a well-designed showroom. The way you lay out the items you are selling, the décor, and the lighting all have an effect on your customers. There is not one right solution. It would not make sense to have a Halloween theme all year round in a store that sells diamond jewelry nor would a baby theme work in a store that sells high end electronics. The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere that invites potential customers to come in, shop around, and hopefully make a purchase! Here are a few tips on how to display your merchandise.

          DO keep your show rooms and floor as clean as possible. If there is dust on your display cases or the floor does not look like it has been swept for months, customers will turn around and out the door immediately! Make sure you keep your store as orderly as possible. You need to present a professional-looking business at all times.

          DO NOT overstock the floor with too many items. It might seem like a great idea to put out all your merchandise and fill the room with every t-shirt, jewelry piece, or knickknack you have to sell. However, if you pack your display cases full, no one will be able to see what each particular piece of merchandise is! You will overwhelm your customers and they will leave your store empty handed and confused.

          DO use your store fixtures in a way that enhances the items you are selling. Use display cases for valuable items such as electronics and jewelry. Do not place clothing items in there because it is a hassle for customers to try on the pieces in which they are interested instead use clothing racks. Use the fixtures to keep your merchandise well organized so that your customers can find the items they want quickly and easily!

         DO NOT underestimate the use of music and light in a retail store. Play music that would appeal to your target demographic; if you want to appeal to teenagers, play pop or rock music but do not play music from the 50s. You might end up with several confused retirees in your store instead. Light also plays an important role. Do not keep the room too dark because then no one will be able to see the items on display but you do not want it too bright because it does not create a welcoming atmosphere.

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