Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Find the Store Fixture Item You Need Today

         Many people do not know the difference between the different types of store fixtures they can purchase to use in their stores. In order to own the display fixtures that work the best for your store’s design and merchandise organization, you need to know what is available. Here is a guide to a couple of different store fixtures so that you know exactly what to look for when you are ready to equip your shop!
Gridwall Merchandisers: These sturdy units are very flexible and are normally used for the display of everything from clothing to bathroom products. The advantage of using a grid wall is that it can hold a large volume of items in a smaller space. Since they are flexible in design you can update your showroom floor whenever you wish.
Slatwall Merchandisers: These displays are much heavier than gridwall units, but they are also much more versatile. The slatwall shelves and hooks allow you to be creative with your displays! These store fixture units are great for hanging clothing or creating shelves to showcase your merchandise in a professional manner.


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