Monday, January 23, 2017

Store Display: Influence through Design

Black Aluminum Trim Display case
You’re finally ready to set up the perfect retail space representing the heart and soul of your business. Whether starting with a fresh new showroom or revitalizing your current layout, designing the look of your store is an essential phase that will dictate the energy you convey. Finding the right display fixtures to fit comfortably within the space is a crucial step. Equally important is choosing dynamic ways to highlight your star products.

Visualize your Floor Plan

Decide how you wish to divide the space based on accessibility to your items and the overall mood you’re trying to achieve. Physically walk through the space as the customer would, plan where racks should be placed for eye-level visibility and direct access. It’s important to make your store instantly welcoming and easy to navigate, this can be achieved by strategic placement of display stands, shelving, wall displays and islands. The possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid to create various configurations before deciding what feels right.

Rich Wood, Sweet Acrylic or Cool Glass

Think of the aesthetic you’re going for with the design of your store. Compliment the merchandise through your choice of display cases without overpowering it. For smaller stores consider acrylic or glass displays to keep the room spacious, allowing focus on the items without competition from solid cases. Lighter options are best suited for fine jewelry or small intricate objects. Glowing wood shelving and display racks can add much needed warmth and weight to a space, working beautifully in larger rooms or to accentuate natural products.

There are limitless design options to attain the ultimate layout for your store.

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