From fine jewelry to power tools, your items will present better when properly lit, but relying on ceiling illumination alone will leave shadows on your shelves. Rather than mounting hot spotlights, take the light to your products with LED strip-lights. These energy efficient little lights come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and intensities to suit most of your display needs.

Long Lasting

LEDs can go for years without needing to be changed and are incredibly energy efficient. They have been proven to shine “25 times longer than incandescent lighting” according to The Department of Energy. By choosing to replace your old shelf lights with LEDs you can practically eliminate the hassle of changing out display light bulbs. It could be years before a single one of your shelves goes dark.

Use Less Power

Low power LED strip-lights give you the benefit of lit shelves without hurting your utilities bill. The Department of Energy also confirmed that Energy Star rated LED lights not only  “use at least 75% less energy” than normal light bulbs, but they also send light in only one direction, allowing you to clearly illuminate your products without blinding your customers with low-set lights. This low power consumption also keeps them at much safer and cooler temperatures.

Complementary Colors

Each display's ideal light color is determined by the color of your products. Soft yellow lights will cause gold to glow beneath the display glass while cool blue lights enhance the shine of silver. Even if you're not displaying metals, the rule still holds. Warm colors are complimented by yellow lights and cool colors look best when illuminated in white or blue. LEDs are available in nearly every color temperature and can suit all your colored display needs.

Whether you’re setting up a new display or improving an existing one, LED lights are a great choice for display case lighting. From free standing strip-lights to cases with built-in LED mounts, this energy-efficient new lighting option could be your next great business decision.